Don’t Run From Nutrition! Run FOR it!

You’ll always see me talk about how food is what fuels your body. But do you ever wonder about different situations? Like, what to eat before you go to sleep? Or, how about what to eat before you work out? Check out one of my good friend Jumana’s blog about nutrition for runners. She provides recipes and meal ideas that help you warm up and even cool down. As a runner, nutrition graduate student, and a maker of great foods of all kind (she always shares her food!), she’s definitely a good person to seek for advice on this topic. From her knowledge of nutrition in school and her passion for running, her blog provides a lot of great information! My favorite is a recipe she found that was seasonal, delicious, and fueled me up for a workout; baked apple crisp smoothie, yum! Check it out and see what else you can learn!¬†