Future Reference

This is my first time blogging about anything and at first I was sure I was going to hate it. I’m as un-tech-savvy as a 23 year old could be, however, the more time I spend working on this page, the more ideas keep coming into my head. Here are some topics I plan on blogging about in the future, vote for your favorite topics! (feel free to vote more than once!)

Poll 1 Results: “What do you want to read next?”


Cravings and their secrets

3 25% 25%


2 16.67% 16.67%

Food Chemicals

2 16.67% 16.67%

Grease: tell me more, tell me more

1 8.33% 8.33%

Fats: the good, the bad, the ugly

1 8.33% 8.33%

Digestion and Absorption, where does your food go?

1 8.33% 8.33%

Popular Places: where to find your nutrients

1 8.33% 8.33%


1 8.33% 8.33%

Food Functions

0 0% 0%

Give Me a Break of the sugar molecule: carbohydrate breakdown

0 0% 0%

Malnutrition: signs, symptoms, and solutions

0 0% 0%


0 0% 0%



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